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SLEEPWALK: Official Trailer

Pampers: Because Your Children Are Worth It

Yaro J – Let Me Dream ft. Victoria Gouveia (Official Music Video)

LOVEBITES: Official Trailer

Mark Brathwaite – Sunrise (Official Music Video)

Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness Project: Daisy Chain

Ontario Science Centre Innovator Award 2013 Recipient: Raymond Moriyama

TELUS: The Samsung Note 3, featuring Dominique Fung

MILLIONS: Official Trailer

Venus Concept: Confidence Is Beauty

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“Sleepwalk” Trailer

31st July 2017 By Andrew C

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a real update, but here’s the trailer for my latest short film, Sleepwalk. I’ll make sure to keep you updated o …

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“Lovebites” Now on the CBC

22nd May 2017 By Andrew C

Hey all, just a quick update that Lovebites aired on Canadian Reflections last night, and is now officially on the CBC website. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Canada, but please stay tuned as we may have it …

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New Pampers Spot

18th October 2016 By Andrew C

Just wanted to write a quick update that I finished a new spot for Pampers. Please check it out on the homepage or in the Commercial section. It features my brother and his two kids, who I absolutely adore, so it was suc …

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