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By Andrew C

On 22, Oct 2020 | In | By Andrew C

WHITE ELEPHANT: Official Trailer


Written and Directed by Andrew C
Producers, Christopher Nguyen and Andrew C

Executive Producer, Elegoa Cultural Productions
Associate Producers, Sasha Fevez and Dave Lam
Cinematographer, Dave Lam

Zaarin Bushra as Pooja
Gurleen Singh as Manpreet
Dulmika Kevin Hapuarachchi as Amit
Jesse Nasmith as Trevor
Amanda Catibog as Jaime
Yahya Amin as Rohit
Kalyna Fisher as Lainey
Riley James Myers as Derek
Kumar Kapasi as Pooja’s Dad

Set in 1996, in a majority-minority neighbourhood in Scarborough, 16-year-old Pooja finds herself torn between her crush on a white boy, and her Brown and Black friends. Her relentless pursuit takes a violent turn, ultimately making her quest for love, a question of self-love.