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By Andrew C

Yaro J’s “Let Me Dream” MV Now Online

On 12, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In Work | By Andrew C

Monday saw the release of my latest music video, “Let Me Dream” featuring Victoria Gouveia, by Yaro J. I’m hoping it’s everything you’d wanna see in an EDM video but with a strange twist. It’s a love story that I really wanted to resonate for those who’ve been in love. Like love, I didn’t want to convey it with any words (although I did squeeze in one). I wanted to capture the little moments we so vividly remember that gave us that weird feeling inside. Awkward glances, silliness, troublemaking, and places that seemed more beautiful than they probably were – that’s all I know about love.




My phenomenal cast and crew, who were the most fun I’ve had on set in awhile, were the only reason I even remotely achieved that vision. You can see us pictured above, doing the best douchebag impressions we could, minus our other tireless Production Assistant, Crystal Lockhart. Through the long nights, stomach ailments, sleepovers, parking tickets, and Pan Am games, we made it! Big thank yous and warm hugs to Producer, Lee Pham, Director of Photography, Christian Peterson, Lovebirds, Jessica Nicole Tomasone and Hubert Tran, Wardrobe Stylist, Kelly Wong, Make-Up Artist, Alisa Chung, Production Assistants, Danon Brown and Crystal Lockhart, and of course, the artist and on-set motivator, Yaro J. Hope you guys like the video. Let’s do it again some time.

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