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By Andrew C

“White Elephant” VAFF Selection and takes home 4 Awards at Reelworld

On 21, Oct 2020 | No Comments | In Work | By Andrew C

I have a couple announcements to make that I’m absolutely elated about. The first is that White Elephant took home four awards (yes, four!) the other night at the Reelworld Film Festival. We were awarded Outstanding Feature Film, Standout Director, Standout Writer, and Standout Actress. It was a joyous live awards presentation night for the entire cast and crew, and I’m still in disbelief about it. But I am incredibly humbled and honoured. Having seen so many films at the festival, knowing what we were up against, it was stunning that we were honoured with multiple awards. I can’t thank the jury, Tonya Williams, and the Reelworld team enough for giving us the privilege of representing all the remarkable films at the festival. We’re bending over backwards (see what I did there?) with excitement about taking this momentum forward with the film.



The second major announcement I wanted to make was that the film’s next stop will be at the 2020 Vancouver Asian Film Festival. This is once again a coming home party for us as I’ve had a few films that have screened there, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to present the film on the other side of the country with them. Like Reelworld it will be held almost entirely online due to COVID-19, but our film will be available to watch Canada-wide for only $5 during a 24-hour period. Tickets are already available for pre-order here! If you haven’t caught the film yet, here’s your chance – the festival will be running from Nov 1 to Nov 9, so there’s plenty of time to get your tickets, and watch the film over your busy schedules. Hope to “see” you there!

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