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On 18, Jan 2015 | In | By Sharky Liu

MILLIONS: Official Trailer


Created, Written, Directed, and Produced by Andrew C
Executive Producer, Melanie Chung

Producer, Ben Brillantes
Co-Producer and Cinematographer, Christian Peterson

Hubert Tran as Brandon
Andrew “Pyro” Chung as Deron
Jasmine Chen as Mary
Stephan Kim as Charlie
Ben Brillantes as Jay
Tanya Mok as Lia
Lee “Lethal” Pham as Eddie
Eric Regimbald as Ozzy
Ins Choi as Ron

A tragedy shakes the lives of an aimless group of Asian North American twenty-somethings, spurning them to embark on an ambitious journey to become millionaires before they turn thirty. But relentlessly chasing the almighty dollar never comes without its costs, as they take on their first venture, which proves more dangerous than they ever could have imagined.