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In Work

By Andrew C

NEW WORK: “Ma” Short Film

On 22, Aug 2018 | No Comments | In Work | By Andrew C

I wish I could be updating here a lot more, but there’s been so many projects that I make that have to be kept under wraps. But finally I can show you the trailer for my latest short film, Ma. There are already a couple festival screenings we’ve confirmed that I’m not able to announce yet, but I will make sure to update you here!



Outside of this film, I’ve been working away on a YouTube channel that is hopefully set to launch by the end of the year. I’m producing the videos with a ton of my filmmaking friends on this channel, and using it as an outlet for them and our local art community. It’s quite a departure from the type of work I direct, but a fun experiment I’ve been using as a different creative outlet. I’ll tell you more as developments come.

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