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In Work

By Andrew C

Believe in Love After Death

On 29, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In Work | By Andrew C

Last November, was the shoot for my latest directorial effort, Lovebites. It’s a short film about the deterioration of a lesbian couple’s tumultuous relationship set in a post-apocalyptic zombie-plagued world. The film is non-linear and primarily moves backwards. It was an experiment in paralleling a relationship between two lovers with the timeline of the story. It was shot by my frequent cinematography partner, Christian Peterson, and his talented camera assistant, Bowen Mei. Christian brought a brilliance to the images that perfectly represented the mood and setting we were trying to create. He also collaborated with me on my web series, Millions.




The film was produced by Christian as well, along with my new producing partner, Christopher Nguyen, and my regular producing partner, Ben Brillantes. Lovebites stars Vicki Kim and Caroline Palmer, who were a revelation to work with, bringing a reality to my script that I don’t think I could’ve achieved with anyone else. My old friend from Millions, Eric Regimbald, plays the gruesome zombie in the film. Roy Lee and Karlee Morse of LeerFX did the very cool zombie make-up, and the phenomenally authentic wardrobe was assembled and designed by Kelly Wong and Alisa Chung. Our crew was rounded out by our hard-working Associate Producer, Kelly Law, our super talented Sound Recordist, Dennis Nicholson, our ingenious Grips, Anders Johansen and Charles Mule, and our tireless Production Assistant, Shawn Santiago. We’re currently in post-production, and the film should see release some time in 2015 in the festival circuit. A trailer is on its way in the next few months, but in the meantime check out the still above. For updates on Lovebites follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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